About us

Di Giorgio had a dream of creating exquisite pieces of jewelry exclusively for men, a collection that would reflect their strength, style and individuality. That's why, driven by his passion and dedication, Di Giorgio created Uomo, a brand that redefines men's accessories. It is a symbol of elegance, combining the art of Italian jewelry and the luxury of quality leather.

The collection offers a wide range of pieces, made in 925 silver and adorned with leather and fine stones. Each bracelet, necklace and ring is created meticulously, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Di Giorgio is known for.

Uomo embraces the uniqueness of men and offers a variety of styles and designs to satisfy different tastes. From bold, fashion-forward pieces to understated classics, there's something for every man to express their personal style. Each Uomo piece tells a story, representing the journey and experiences of the wearer. Bracelets symbolize strength, necklaces express self-confidence, and rings illustrate love, for oneself or another. Whether a gift for yourself or a loved one, Uomo carries sentimental value that can be cherished forever.

With Uomo, men have the opportunity to elevate their style, exuding confidence and elegance in every piece they wear. Whether for casual daily use or for special occasions, Uomo aims to be a reference brand for men who appreciate quality masculine designs.